Community Art Gallery

If you have artwork you would like to display in the library, please contact the Library Director Joseph Galbraith at (856) 234-0333, or send e-mail to

Current artist: Stephen Denault

Stephen Denault is the owner of Unfiltered Focus Photography. From his website:

“I began my journey into photography back in June of 2018. I started with just messing around taking everyday photos. I soon realized that photography was my “calling”. Soon after, I upgraded my equipment and then dove right in! I am a born and raised “Jersey Boy”. I live very close to the  Philadelphia area, where I have done quite a bit of photography. The Pine Barrens is also another place I frequent to work on my photography skills. I do a bit of traveling around the area as well.   My main focus has been Landscape & Macro Photography. However, most recently, I have found myself​ focusing on Long Exposure, Portrait, and Sports Photography. I find myself developing more skills as the shutter clicks! I hope you enjoy my work, and I thank you for the support.”

Contact information:

Phone: 856-441-0662

Upcoming Exhibitors for 2019

April: Richard Weiford

May: Dorothy Blankenship

June: Nicholas St. Clair

July: Eric Burro

August: Mary Weiford

September: Joe Gillespie

October: Sandy Jones

November: Martin Goldstein

December: Maureen Gass Brown