Community Art Gallery

If you have artwork you would like to display in the library, please contact the Library Director Joseph Galbraith at (856) 234-0333, or send e-mail to

Current artists

“Brother and Sister United in Art, Paintings by Bob Minnick and Linda Burns”


“The exhibit’s 20 paintings — 10 for each — reveal the separate but connected paths their art has taken. Burns, recently retired after a 30-year career as an art teacher, is now ready to focus more intently on her own painting….Minnick’s work has evolved steadily through different styles and influences since he studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in the 1980s.”   excerpt from Burlington County Times, January 24

Upcoming Exhibitors for 2018

March: Alice Kelly

April: Willingboro Art Alliance

May: Joe Gillespie

June: Ellen Barnett

July: Joe Galbraith

August: Marsha Hemmings

September: Maria Sammartino

October: Iris Massey

November: Maureen Gass-Brown

December: Calvin Massey