Community Art Gallery

If you have artwork you would like to display in the library, please contact the Library Director Joseph Galbraith at (856) 234-0333, or send e-mail to

Current artist: Nicky St. Clair

Artist Statement:

“My name is Nicky St Clair and I have autism. I drew these World Series of Autism posters for the 30 MLB teams who support Autism Speaks.  To make these 28″ X 22″ posters, I freehand pencil draw the team logo in the center, surround it with puzzle pieces to represent autism, and color the entire piece in the team’s colors using Sharpie markers. The purpose of these autism posters is to not only spread autism awareness and acceptance across the country but also to show my appreciation for the MLB teams who include autistic individuals and make their lives a lot more fun.”

Contact information:

Phone: 856-630-2601

Upcoming Exhibitors for 2019

July: Eric Burro

August: Mary Weiford

September: Joe Gillespie

October: Sandy Jones

November: Martin Goldstein

December: Maureen Gass Brown