Tai Chi and Qigong with Steve Steinhoff

May 18
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Often called “moving meditation” or “the art of creating energy,” tai chi is both a martial art and a slow rhythmic exercise that can be traced back nearly 2000 years in China. But it is only over the past century that it has become extremely popular as an exercise for older adults, and today it is practiced not only in China but worldwide.

In this class we will be learning and practicing qigong, or stationary tai chi movements, as well as tai chi itself, where movements are choreographed seamlessly together.  Emphasis will be on tai chi principles: good posture, balance, and continuous whole-body movement, all of which depend on a calm mind and relaxed body.

In the interest of moving as freely and comfortably as possible, be sure to wear loose-fitting clothes and light, comfortable shoes or even slippers.