The History Cafe: some A, B, Cs of History Continues…

March 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come, relax, and chat about American history.

Retired history professor, Jean Perry, presents parts of history you may not have learned in school.  There will be a focus on women in history, but also other bits and pieces that make history fascinating, just like fascinating bits and pieces of conversation in a café.

This month  –  “ T”

Harriet Tubman – She is to be on the new $20 bill.  Do you know why?

Typewriters – Learn how the typewriter opened many new opportunities to women.

Techies – There is a push to get more girls and women interested in technology.  Is it working?  Where do  women stand in technology fields?     If you have daughters and granddaughters interested in the field, bring them to hear the answers to these  questions.