Get the Facts on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Check out these resources for up-to-date information:

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Burlington County Health Department Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): What you should know

National Library of Medicine Guide to COVID-19:…/covid-19-coronavirus-for-public-li…/

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub

Coronavirus Daily Updates from Congressman Andy Kim

New Jersey Department of Health: COVID-19: Information for Communities and the General Public

New Jersey State Library: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

World Health Organization (WHO) – Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak

And check misinformation on these sites:
NewsGuard: Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center
State of NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness: COVID-19 Rumor Control and Disinformation Updates