Teen Volunteer Opportunities

While we can’t invite you into the building to volunteer right now, there are lots of ways you can help the library from home. These opportunities are available to all students grades 8 and up.

  1. Contribute to the Moorestown Memory Book. The library is collecting stories, pictures, testimonies and tributes for a memory book to document this extraordinary time. Please share your experiences of heartbreak and inspiration, humor and beauty. You can submit a request for community service hours for the number of hours you spend working on your submission.
  2. Create a “How To” video for our website, where you teach a new skill to younger children. Do you have a special skill worth sharing? We want to see it! You can perform and explain a science experiment or a magic trick, do a craft, origami, or cooking demo, draw a cartoon character, crack the mystery of long division, the sky’s the limit! Remember, your target audience is kids and your goal is to teach them how to do something.  Library staff will review all submissions before posting them to our website. Follow the tips below, and when your video is complete, fill a out submission form and email your video to Miss Jen at jdunne@moorestownlibrary.org.

Tips for Making Your How To Video:

Before you film:
  • Get your parent’s permission. (We can’t post your video without your parent’s OK, so make sure they’re on board before you start.)
  • Make a script, and keep it short. (To hold the attention of kids, your video should be no more than 10-12 minutes, so decide ahead of time what’s really important and cut out what’s not.)
  • Gather all the necessary materials.
  • Choose your setting carefully. (Make sure the lighting is good and that your area is uncluttered and free of background noise and distractions.)
  • Recruit an assistant. (You will probably need someone else to shoot the video so they can zoom in on your demonstrations.)
  • Practice!
In your video:
  • Make sure the phone is horizontal, not vertical.
  • Start by introducing yourself and explaining what you’re going to teach.
  • Show your audience all the materials they will need to follow along.
  • Give clear, step-by-step instructions as you demonstrate what to do.
  • Don’t just perform, teach something! (Remember, it’s a how to, not a talent show. Your audience should learn how to do something new.)

If you need community service hours for your library volunteer work, click here.

Interested in volunteering from home for another organization in the community?  Here are some ideas.

Questions about volunteering?  Email Miss Robin at rguenther@moorestownlibrary.org