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Teen Volunteer Form

In order to be a teen volunteer at the library, you must be between the ages of 13 and 17 and have a Moorestown Library card. All teen volunteers must fill out a volunteer form with parental permission. Forms are available to complete online, or to print, complete, and return to the Children’s reference desk at the library. If you are 18 years or older and wish to volunteer, please fill out the adult volunteer form.

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Library Volunteer

Here are some ways to be a teen library volunteer, help the community, and earn service hours.

1. Be a Summer Reading Volunteer – Listen to children reading books and assist with the summer reading program at the Moorestown Library. This volunteer program runs from June to August. Details will be posted in late Spring 2022.
2. Be a Shelf Reader – Choose a section of the library and make sure everything is in order and labeled properly.
3. Create a “How To” video for our website, where you teach a new skill to younger children. Do you have a special skill worth sharing? We want to see it! You can perform and explain a science experiment or a magic trick, do a craft, origami, or cooking demo, draw a cartoon character, crack the mystery of long division, the sky’s the limit! Remember, your target audience is kids and your goal is to teach them how to do something. Make sure your video:

  • Starts by introducing yourself and explaining what you’re going to teach.
  • Shows your audience all the materials they will need to follow along.
  • Gives clear, step-by-step instructions as you demonstrate what to do.
  • Teaches something! (Remember, it’s a how to, not a talent show. Your audience should learn how to do something new.)

Library staff will review all submissions before posting them to our website. When your video is complete, fill out a submission form and email your video to Miss Jen at jdunne@moorestownlibrary.org. This opportunity is limited to 3 submissions per month per student.

4. Create a “Book Talk” video for our website, where you talk about a book you are recommending. Remember, your are making a persuasive video for other teens and your goal is to get them interested in reading a good book that you have read. The video should focus on one book and be about 2-3 minutes in length. You will receive one community service hour per book review. Make sure your book talk includes:

  • An introduction (use your first name only), the name of the book and the author.
  • A hook to get the reader interested (Read a quote from the book, ask a question of your audience, introduce the main character,vividly set the scene,or do a combination of a few of these techniques).
  • A summary of the action (but no spoilers!)
  • What you liked about the book and why you are recommending it.
  • A closing to entice the viewer.

Library staff will review all submissions before posting them to our website. When your video is complete, fill out a submission form and email your video to Miss Jen at jdunne@moorestownlibrary.org. This opportunity is limited to 3 submissions per month per student.

5. Program Volunteer – Create and present a student led program.
Tips for Making Your Videos:
  • Get your parent’s permission. (We can’t post your video without your parent’s OK, so make sure they’re on board before you start.)
  • Make a script, and keep it short. (To hold your audience’s attention, your “How To” video should be no more than 10-12 minutes and your “Book Talk” Video should be no more than 3 minutes, so decide ahead of time what’s really important and cut out what’s not.)
  • Gather all the necessary materials.
  • Choose your setting carefully. (Make sure the lighting is good and that your area is uncluttered and free of background noise and distractions.)
  • Recruit an assistant. (You may need someone else to shoot the video so they can zoom in on your demonstrations.)
  • Make sure the phone is horizontal, not vertical.
  • Practice!

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Getting Credit for Your Volunteer Work

You will need to fill out your school’s community service hours form and email it to Miss Jen at jdunne@moorestownlibrary.org. Miss Jen will check your hours and email you back a signed copy.

Moorestown HS 2021-2022 Request to Record Volunteer Hours Form.

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Community Volunteer

Looking to broaden your volunteering horizons? Here are some volunteer ideas to benefit both local and international organizations.


Volunteer to assist at a blood drive – act as a greeter, escort, or serve refreshments; help arrange appointments for an upcoming blood drive or make thank you cards for the Red Cross to hand out to blood donors. Check out the Red Cross Youth Association for more volunteer opportunities.


Help the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter by running a donation drive, running a fundraiser, or fostering a pet. Visit their website for a complete list of ways teens can help.


The Jewish Family and Childrens’ Service of Southern New Jersey (JFCS) is looking for teens with talent to play musical instruments, sing, or perform for Holocaust survivor clients virtually over Zoom. They are also interested in volunteers to engage special needs individuals over Zoom with arts and crafts, sing-alongs, exercise classes or anything else that you can think of that might enrich their lives. Your creativity is welcome! There are many opportunities for volunteering at the JFCS, take a look!


Collegevine offers some great online community service ideas for teens. Are you fluent in a second language and are interested in humanitarian aid? Check out Translators Without Borders. Volunteers can perform online community service by translating texts for a variety of international organizations focused on crisis relief, health, and education. Tarjimly is an organization looking for teens to provide on-demand translation services for refugees, asylees, and immigrants. Operation Gratitude would like to collect thank-you letters from “regular” people to send to first responders, troops, and veterans – people serving our country. Teenangels provides an opportunity for students who are interested in cybersecurity or are simply interested in computers to run programs in schools that teach teachers, parents, and kids about the responsible and safe use of the internet. These are just four of the fascinating volunteer opportunities listed. Check it out!


Horizon Networks is an organization dedicated to tackling the senior loneliness epidemic by connecting a diverse body of high school students to our elderly population, facilitating meaningful interactions. Two core aspects of our organization are service and outreach, and we are in need of highly dedicated volunteers in the New Jersey area to help us expand our organization. As an outreach officer, you will be in charge of sending emails to senior centers/nursing homes/retirement centers and accumulating volunteer interest in our organization. As you grow and become more experienced, we will offer opportunities for mobility within our organization: if you are motivated, we will have you move up in the ranks, helping out with management, media, and more! As we mentioned, we are looking for highly motivated individuals with around an hour of daily time to spare. We are looking for individuals across New Jersey who are dedicated and interested in making a positive impact on their community. Please reach out to us at covidnetworks.nj@gmail.com if you have specific questions, or visit our website at thehorizonnetwork.org for more info!

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