Register today for: History Mosaic, facilitated by Jean Perry

A history discussion where each of us will read/watch whatever we want to on the subject, bringing that information to the discussion. Like a mosaic, we will each share what we read/watched with the group, so we all go home with a bigger picture of the subject. Read a book, view a movie or documentary, read articles from magazines or online, come and share with the rest of the group what you know about the person or issue. No matter what you think you know about these historical subjects, there has probably been some new research and knowledge about them over the last 4 decades. Share it with us!


Martha Washington – She was the richest widow in the colony of Virginia when George Washington married her and had to define her own way of being First Lady.  How did you picture her life and times?  Do you have a different opinion after reading/watching something about her?

Abigail Adams – David McCullough says she was the smartest of all the “founders.” Do you agree?  Why would he call her a “founder?”  How was her life different from Martha Washington’s?

When:  Monday, June 18 from 3-5 PM

Where:  Meeting Room B

Bibliographies available at the Moorestown Library reference desk.