Social Media


Social Media provides a platform for the Moorestown Library to promote the library’s programming and collections within the community and to strengthen relationships with patrons by providing value with links, resources, and unbiased information. The content of our social media will be created by Moorestown Library staff, and may include notice of library events, meetings, programs or other community events; photographs and videos from same; links to articles, videos and other materials related to libraries, publishing, books, reading and other literacy-related content; information about library-related services such as databases and electronic services; and highlights of special collections or additions to current collections.

Definition of Social Media

Social media is defined as any web application, site, or account created and maintained by the library that facilitates the sharing of information and opinions about issues related to the library. The Moorestown Library uses email, Facebook, and Instagram as tools to accomplish our goals related to social media.

Usage Rules

The Moorestown Library welcomes public comments, photographs, posts, and messages on our social media platforms. However, all such interactions will be regularly monitored and reviewed by Library staff for content appropriateness. All posts which include any of the following will be removed immediately:

  • Obscene, sexist, homophobic, racist, or otherwise bigoted content
  • Spam or other commercial, political, or religious promotions
  • Private or personal information such as phone numbers or addresses or requests for such information
  • Personal attacks, insults, harassment or profane or threatening language directed at Library staff or other social media users
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Advertisements or solicitations, including the solicitation of funds, not expressly permitted by the Library
  • Copyright violations
  • Pornography
  • Images or links that fall into any of the above categories

The library reserves the right to block or ban users who have posted in violation of this policy. When impermissible comments or other content are posted, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The comment/content will be removed immediately, and Library staff will attempt to privately contact the user who posted it to issue a warning and an explanation for its removal.
  • New posts from such user will be permitted, unless future posts also contain impermissible content (and in such case will also be removed)
  • Library staff reserves the right to permanently block any user who posts impermissible content on three occasions.
  • The Library will retain copies of all deleted inappropriate content for a period of at least three (3) years to comply with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) document retention requirements.
  • In the case of spam and/or commercial advertisements, the Library will immediately block the user from posting again.

In addition, Moorestown Library retains the right to reproduce comments, posts, and messages in other public venues. For example, a response to a Facebook post may be quoted in a newspaper or on the library’s website. Identifying information will be removed unless prior approval is granted by the user.

However, the Moorestown Library will not collect, sell or knowingly transfer to any third party any personally identifiable information related to social media engagement with the library. Please be advised that social media platforms have their own privacy policies and should be carefully reviewed.

The Moorestown Library assumes no liability regarding any event or interaction that takes place by any participant in any library-sponsored social networking service. Participation in library social networking services implies agreement with all library policies as well as the Terms of Service of each individual third-party service.

Comments expressed on any of the Library’s social media platforms do not reflect the views or positions of the Moorestown Library, its board members, or its employees. Social media users should exercise their own judgment about the quality and accuracy of any information presented through social media.

The Moorestown Library is committed to addressing questions or concerns in a timely manner. While we will respond to questions and concerns posted on our social media channels, the best method of ensuring a prompt reply is to contact Library Administration by email or phone.

Adopted by Moorestown Library Board of Trustees, February 24, 2021