Celebrate the moments

Book donations and Books of Remembrance

What is Celebrate the Moments?

Celebrate the Moments book dontation program is designed to support the addition of books to the Moorestown Library and to provide a unique way to mark special moments in the lives of family and friends. Occasions may include births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, retirements, and holidays.

How are the books selected?

You may have suggestions for a book to be purchased based upon the interests of a friend or loved one. There may be a particular book title that is a family favorite and you know others would enjoy it as well. If you would like suggestions, we would be happy to assist you in selecting this special book. The library also welcomes donations for audiobooks, DVDs, and music CDs.

What happens after the book is selected?

We purchase the title you have requested and process the book to make it ready to be borrowed from Moorestown Library’s collection. Every book purchased is affixed with a special bookplate bearing the name of the person being honored. We also send an acknowledgement card to that person notifying him or her of your thoughtful gift. When the gift is in memory of a deceased loved one or friend, a note will be sent to a family member or other person of your choosing.

Celebrate the Moments makes a difference!

In a world where speed and technology are so highly prized, books are still a critical and lasting resource for our community. It will be an honor for us to purchase books for your family and friends, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Download a Celebrate the Moments Donation Form [PDF]