First Monday Films

with Irv Slifkin, film expert and author

Mondays at 7:00 pm in the library meeting room

January 6: Cape Fear
This edge-of-seat thriller by the director of “The Guns of Navarone” stars Robert Mitchum as a creepy ex-con seeking revenge against attorney Gregory Peck who put him behind bars. Using a series of threats and confrontations, the criminal forces the lawyer into ques-tioning how far he should go to defend himself and family.
1962 106 min. NR

February 3: Charley Varrick
Walter Matthau excels as the title character, an old-fashioned ex-crop-duster-turned-bank robber. After Matthau pulls off a messy job at a small New Mexico bank, he discovers that the loot he nabbed was mob money and the police and a monstrous hit man are on his trail to retrieve it
1973 111 min. PG

March 2: Red Shoes
Much requested by our “First Monday Film” attendees, this classic of music and dance from “The Archers” has been hailed as one of the most beautiful films ever made. The picture showcases Moira Shearer as a lovely prima ballerina caught between a perfectionist dance master and an ambitious composer.
1948 134 min. NR

April 6: The Naked Gun
Featuring one of the funniest baseball sequences in movie history, this spin-off of the flop TV series features Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin, a befuddled LA detective trying to halt an assassination plot targeting Queen Elizabeth when she visits the city.
1988 85 min. PG-13

May 4: The President’s Analyst
James Coburn is the psychiatrist to the U.S. President whose world is turned upside-down when it appears someone is after him for the secrets he holds. But who is it? After going on the run, the increasingly uncomfortable Coburn gets into a series of wildly unpredictable situations.
1967 103 min. R

June 1: Zulu
An exciting historical adventure saga centering on the brutal showdown between a small battalion of Welsh soldiers and thousands of Zulu warriors in Natal, Africa in 1879. Incredible battle scenes and first-rate acting—including attention-getting work by a pre-Alfie Michael Caine—highlight this muscular true-life tale. NOTE: There will be a short intermission.
1964 138 min. NR