Get a card!

Need to get a library card while the Library is closed?  Fill out the online application and we’ll send your new card number to your email!

The Moorestown Library welcomes new residents and others who would like to apply for a library card. Just bring the proper I.D. to our circulation desk, complete a quick form… and you’ll be able to check out books the same day!

You are entitled to a free card if you

Live in Moorestown, own property or business in Moorestown, work in Moorestown, or go to school in Moorestown.

How do I get a library card?

All individuals must present Photo ID and proof of current address. The following types of identification are accepted:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Current tax bill, tax statement, or lease
  • Current gas, electric, water, or cable bill (Cell phone bills are not accepted as proof of residence.)

Please read below for additional requirements and information on specific types of cards available.

Moorestown Residents

Residents of Moorestown are eligible for a three-year library card and adult residents may also request cards for dependent members of their household. At 17 years of age, a person may apply for an adult library card.

Adults with cards that are not in good standing may not register dependents for library cards until all outstanding accounts have been cleared.

Non-resident Property Owners

Individuals who own property in Moorestown, but do not live in Moorestown, are eligible for a full service three-year library card. In addition to proof of current address described above, non-resident property owners must present a current, dated Moorestown tax bill for the property owned.

Non-resident Business Owners

Individuals who own and operate business in Moorestown, but who do not live in Moorestown, are eligible for a full service three year library card. In addition to proof of address as described above, Moorestown business owners must present a current tax bill or lease agreement that shows proof of ownership of a Moorestown business.

Individuals Employed by Moorestown Businesses and Organizations

Individuals employed by businesses and organizations in Moorestown are eligible for a full service one year library card. In addition to proof of current address as described above, the employee must present a current pay stub or dated proof of employment on company letterhead.

Non-Resident Moorestown students

Non-resident school students in Moorestown (public, private, and nursery school) are eligible for a one year courtesy card. In addition to proof of current address as described above, non-resident students must present a tuition bill or report card from the current school year or current school ID.

Purchasing a non-resident card

If you do not meet any of the above criteria you can still get a library card. Non-resident library cards are available for $100 per year. If you do not live in Moorestown and are only interested in using the internet, you can purchase an Internet-only library card for $15 for six months or $25 for one year. Just bring in identification with your current address.

How long may I keep the items I want to check out?

Borrowing periods vary for different materials:

  • 3 days: Museum passes
  • 7 days: Magazines and DVD’s
  • 14 days: New books, Discovery Packs, Binge Boxes, children’s holiday collection
  • 21 days: Interlibrary loan items
  • 28 days: Books (except new and reference), audio books, circulating encyclopedias, music CD’s
  • 56 days: Book Group in a Bag
  • Library use only: Bound periodicals, reference books, special collections materials

How much are overdue charges?

The Moorestown Library is now Fine Free! Click here for more information.
Museum passes are not included. Fines and fees for material lost or damaged must be paid by cash or credit card.

Mobile Checkout

Patrons can check out items on their phone using the mobile checkout feature in the Moorestown Library app.