Book a meeting room

The Library Meeting Room is available for use only during those hours when a member of the Library Staff is on duty.

Use of the Meeting Room may be made by any Library group or association; by any Township group; and by any group or association formally organized within the Township for cultural purposes, specifically excluding religious or political organizations and those the nature of whose activities makes the Room unsuitable for their purposes.

Functions in the Meeting Room will be approved according to the following priorities:

  1. Library-sponsored programs
  2. Library-related groups
  3. Township-related groups
  4. educational programs
  5. cultural/civic programs
  6. charitable programs

The Library will not provide any special services such as the setting up of furniture or equipment, nor will the Library provide any equipment (other than the Meeting Room tables, chairs, and access to installed AV equipment). Each organization shall be responsible for setting up the Meeting Room to meet its own requirements, and for returning the Meeting Room to its original condition at the conclusion of the meeting.

No group shall be regularly scheduled for use of the Meeting Room more frequently than once a week. All recurring reservations must be renewed quarterly (Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct. 1–for the three months following each respective date).

No groups shall be permitted to charge an admission fee, solicit donations or sell any items for profit or charity at any activity in the Meeting Room.

No refreshments may be served without advance permission of the Library Director. There shall be no smoking in the Meeting Room.

A maintenance fee will be charged each group for each Meeting Room use, excepting that Library-sponsored or Library-related groups and Township-related groups will not be charged a maintenance fee. Any groups using the Meeting Room shall be held financially responsible for all damages to Library property which result from the use of the Meeting Room.

Fees for 2023 are as follows:

Meeting Room A (Seats 80)
Price/First 2 Hours $80.00
Each Additional Hour or part thereof $40.00

Meeting Room B (Seats 40)
Price/First 2 Hours $50.00
Each Additional Hour or part thereof $25.00

Meeting Rooms A & B (Seats 120)
Price/First 2 Hours $150.00
Each Additional Hour or part thereof $ 75.00


Download the meeting room application [PDF]

To reserve the meeting room, contact the Laura Russo in the Township Manager’s office at