Building use

The Library welcomes all persons to use the Library facilities and services in accordance with established circulation, patron behavior, Internet and computer use, meeting room use and other policies. Violation of these policies may result in the suspension of Library borrowing privileges, banishment from the Library and/or prosecution for illegal activities.

The Library is open to the public every day except Sundays and scheduled holidays. The Library may also be open for special Library events. It may be closed for staff activities, repairs, emergencies and security reasons.

The public is welcome in the public service areas of the first floor, except for designated staff areas. Use of small study rooms, New Jersey room and other areas may be restricted for security reasons. Use of the meeting rooms is governed by the meeting room policy. Access to staff areas and all areas on the second floor and lower level is by staff approval only.

All public must enter and exit by the front doors except in case of emergency or accompanied by a staff member. The rear and side doors and fire stairs are for the use of staff, maintenance and delivery persons only.

The only persons who may enter or be in the building during hours the Library is closed to the public are the director, designated library staff and, for emergency or maintenance purposes only, Police and Public Works personnel.

Food and drink of all kinds are prohibited in the New Jersey Room.

Library staff are authorized to act to provide a safe and secure environment conducive to normal library use. The Library director is authorized to promulgate procedures to ensure the enforcement of this policy.