Exhibits in the Moorestown Library are arranged to provide educational and cultural stimulus and to promote reading. The cooperation of non-profit organizations in the loan of materials for display is welcomed.

Posters, leaflets and other promotional literature announcing non-profit community activities sponsored by any group or organization formally organized within the Township for cultural purposes, specifically excluding religious or political organizations, may be submitted to the Library for public distribution in the Library’s “give-away rack” or display on the Lobby Bulletin Board. When bulletin-board space permits, promotional literature for non-local organizations also will be displayed.


No exhibit or promotional literature may be placed in the Library without permission of the Library Director, or his/her designated representative.

The following exhibits, posters and promotional literature will not be permitted under any circumstances:

  • Advertisement for a profit-making business
  • Advertisement for anything for sale by an individual or a business
  • Political or religious materials pertaining to one party or one faith, other than strictly informational and/or social functions open to everyone in the community.
  • Any item judged by the Library Director to be offensive to community standards, e.g., obscene, racist, subversive or libelous

A mutually agreeable date for the mounting of the exhibit will be arranged. All items should be brought to the Library at the prearranged time and removed by the exhibitor at the predetermined time for removal

Exhibits usually are rotated on a monthly basis. However, duration of the exhibit is at the discretion of the Library Director. If there is no incoming exhibit scheduled, exhibitors may be offered the opportunity to extend their exhibit.

No item can be sold at the Library. However, the exhibitor may post pricing and an address/phone number where he/she may be contacted for information on purchasing items.

The exhibitor should be prepared to arrange his/her own exhibit and supply all necessary accessories.

Under no circumstances shall additional holes, nails, materials that damage paint or drywall, or hanging materials be used in the display areas.

The Moorestown Library does not carry insurance to cover exhibits; thus, all items are loaned at the exhibitor’s risk.

Space Available

Lobby Display Case with adjustable glass shelves: Two compartments, each 68″ high x 32 1/2″ wide x 18″ deep; divider in middle. Located in Library Lobby.

Community Gallery space: Wall space, approximately 23 ft long X 9 ft high. Supplied with adjustable wires and hooks.  Located in new book section of library.

Bulletin Board: Cork-board space for posting flyers and posters

Give-Away Rack: Brochure rack for displaying “pick-up” items.

Adopted by Trustees 5/15/85, and amended July 26, 2017.