Internet and computer use

The Moorestown Library offers free access to the Internet and other electronic resources as part of its mission to meet the collective informational needs and cultural interests of township residents of all ages. If you are a Moorestown resident, a library card in good standing is required to use the library computers. If you are not a Moorestown resident and do not have a Moorestown Library card, and are interested is using our computers, present a photo ID at the Reference Desk to get a free guest pass. The guest pass entitles the user to 60 minutes per day, no exceptions or extensions, on the library computers. If you need more than 60 minutes, longer use passes are available for purchase. The library offers free access to WiFi for all users who bring their own devices to the library. Ask at the Reference Desk for the password to the WiFi network. [Find out more about the library’s computers here.]

The Library does not monitor, control or endorse any information found on the Internet and is not responsible for its content, thoroughness, timeliness, accuracy or availability. Users are advised to evaluate for themselves the validity of information accessed on the Internet.

Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parents are advised to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

The Library supports the user’s right to privacy for Internet and other computer sessions, as with all resources and services provided by the Library, but because security is technically difficult to achieve, users are advised that electronic communications and files could become public.

The Library is not responsible for damage to a removable storage device, mobile devices,  or computers, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur, whether directly, indirectly or consequentially, from use of the Library’s computers, or use of the library WiFi network, including any damage resulting from viruses.

Using Library Internet computers for commercial activities for personal profit is prohibited. Displaying obscenity, child pornography, material harmful to minors and other illegal materials is prohibited when using library computers, or when accessing material via use of the library WiFi network. Tampering with the Library’s computers, network infrastructure, and other illegal activities which violate state and/or federal laws are also prohibited. Violators will lose their Library privileges and will be prosecuted.

Library staff is authorized to terminate an Internet or other session on any workstation or network device when a user violates this policy, the Library’s patron conduct or other policies, or applicable laws.

The Library reserves the right to block access to any specific sites which may impair network performance or security.

The Library Director is authorized to promulgate procedures for regulating access to the Internet and other electronic resources.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, March 19, 1997; modified September 17, 1997, July 19,2000, September 29, 2010 and July 26, 2017.