Register today for: “Lifesounds” with Sally Friedman

Join everyone’s favorite local columnist as she reminisces and shares anecdotes about powerful life moments. Sally Friedman writes – and speaks – from the soul, whether it’s about diets, doubts, shouts of joy or bouts of the blues.

If you’ve ever loved a child, said a tough goodbye, laughed until your sides hurt, cherished a friend, started a diet, flunked aerobics, shared a dream, worried about the mess the world is in … then Sally Friedman’s “Lifesounds” program will echo for you.

It’s for anyone who’s ever felt vulnerable, disappointed, jubilant, proud, and in need of a hug. And it’s just as surely about loss. And yes, about love!

There’s humor too, and also humor, wonder, worry and joy.

Lifesounds is like a terrific conversation with a good friend.

Sally’s hope is that others recognize themselves in her world and her words.

It’s a little bit like taking your hand in mine and saying, “Let’s walk together.”

And what a journey we share!

When:  Wednesday, February 13 at 7 PM

Where:  Moorestown Library, Meeting Rooms A & B